“We are hyped to offer the most lit! Line of Chocolit Edibles in Canada”. Bringing Cannabis Consumers the most popular flavours in confection to the Worlds best Cannabis. With Chocolit it's black and white! There is no grey area or guessing with our edibles, Our edibles are “Truly” true dose. Made with lab tested - full spectrum cannabis oils & the finest quality chocolate. We use High-quality ingredients for a higher quality high.


Our NUGZ are LIT! You won't believe it’s not weed! NUGZ are a delicious combination of the finest quality chocolate, rice crispies, green cocoa butter & flavour oils. NUGZ come in a 2 Nug tube 400MG THC & 200MG THC. NUGZ are infused with lab tested full spectrum oils. Available in 3 flavours “Kush Caramel Chocolit, Chocolit Haze Hazelnut & Thin Mint Chocolit Chip”


When we created our chocolit bars, we set the BAR high!. Our 500MG THC true dose chocolit bars hit hard. Made with the finest quality chocolate, high quality ingredients & lab tested full spectrum oils. Available in 4 flavours “Cookies & Cream, Classic Milk, S’mores & Birthday Cake, ”


What's better than cookies ? Cookies covered in Chocolit! These Cookies are sooooo good!! This 4 Pack box of THC Chocolit covered Cookies come in 400MG THC (100MG per cookie) & 200MG THC (50MG per cookie) Available in Vegan Dark or Milk.

JessCHOCOLIT Cookies - Vegan Dark Chocolate Covered Oreos
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They taste amazing Wow, these are delicious. It tastes 98% like a regular cookie. And the Oreo in the middle.. say no more. I took half at first and after 1.5/2 hours I felt a strong body buzz and it was chill. So then I took the other half and woke up at midnight absolutely zonked. But it was still good!
AnonymousCHOCOLIT Cookies - Vegan Dark Chocolate Covered Oreos - 200mg
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This was an excellent product. Just the right amount of THC and a great taste. I highly recommend it.
BrittanyCHOCOLIT Cookies - Vegan Dark Chocolate Covered Oreos
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Delicious and Strong A strong body is high but not too much. Delicious and easy to cut into halves or quarters if you want a lower dose.
AnonymousCHOCOLIT Cookies - Vegan Dark Chocolate Covered Oreos - 400mg
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Delicious and effective. Literally the best-tasting cannabis item I've had thus far, even better than the gummies.
Melanie A.CHOCOLIT Cookies - Vegan Dark Chocolate Covered Oreos
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This chocolate has been amazing, not only in taste but in also helping with my anxiety. Highlighy recommend!!!
TaliaCHOCOLIT Cookies - Vegan Dark Chocolate Covered Oreos
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I adore this dark chocolate This is some quality dark chocolate! This is one of my favourite products and never lasts long but is always on my stash. Highly recommend this product to anyone who is interested in trying edibles for the first time.
Elneth R.CHOCOLIT Bars - Smores Bar (500mg)
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These bars honestly pack quite the punch. They are tasty, reliable, and well made!!!
AnonymousCHOCOLIT Bars - Smores Bar (500mg)
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These bars are great! They work quickly and seem to have a better feel and vibe than gummies. Overall we continue to order these. Great value and pain relief!
Crystal K.CHOCOLIT Bars - Cookies and Cream Bar (500mg)
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I really enjoyed the taste of the bar. I think the cookies and cream flavour was done really well. It has a great chocolate consistency that melts nicely in your mouth but is solid enough to be satisfying. I felt the THC effective in the dose size I expected. I really like this product and will buy it again.
AnonymousCHOCOLIT Bars - Classic Milk Bar (500mg)
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This was my first time trying this bar and I really like it! Taste is great, and the buzz is accurate - I would say it is a bit stronger than the Shatter Bar.
AnonymousCHOCOLIT Bars - Smores Bar (500mg)
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Very tasty product! And very good effects! Will almost certainly be purchasing again. My favourite chocolate-based edible
Darlene L.CHOCOLIT Nugz - Chocolit Haze Hazelnut
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Yummy These tasted amazing and I didn't have to take much a bit relaxes me. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I really liked them. If you're a beginner I suggest starting out small. They taste like cookies my favourite is the chocolate chip mint.
Patricia A.CHOCOLIT Nugz - Chocolit Haze Hazelnut - 400mg
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I really enjoy the nugs you have to be really careful not to take too much because of the way they’re shaped it’s kind of hard to behave yourself and not eat the whole thing but when you portion it out it’s amazing
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It one of the best edibles I have tried definitely a new favourite!!
Todd CHOCOLIT Nugz - Chocolit Haze Hazelnut - 400mg
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Tastes amazing and is really cool looking! Then there is the high... these are very strong compared to other edibles I've tried at the same dosage. I'd say the best bet is to eat about half of what you think you should so you're not completely knocked out. Normally I eat 100mg of Mary's gummies and it gives me a great but manageable buzz, with this I ate 1/2 of one nug which is 100mg and it felt way stronger than Marys gummies. Proceed with caution on your dosing but have fun!
RedeyejediCHOCOLIT Nugz - Chocolit Haze Hazelnut - 400mg
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Be careful they taste really, really good. I ate both then needed to go to the hardware store so I took the bicycle, locked it up, and took a bus back home. Woke up the next morning and thought someone stole my bike. You can imagine my face when the day after I had to return the item I bought, finding my bike locked up. Don't remember taking it and spent half the day furious thinking someone stole the thing.



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